Karfiguéla Waterfall and Domes of Fabédougou

Banfora is a small town in the Cascade Region, located in southwestern Burkina Faso. The region is popular for its uniqueness and breathtaking beauty. It has various landscapes and several water bodies, making it a very green and cool place to live in.

Main entrance of the Karfiguéla Waterfall.

What sparkle the interest of many people in the city is the waterfalls, which attract many visitors daily. The Banfora waterfall, also known as the Karfiguéla Waterfall is a recreational and touristic site located 11 km northwest of Banfora. It is a natural swimming pool and open air space for people who like processing thoughts and spending time with Mother Nature.

On the other side of the Karfiguéla Waterfall, there is a place called Fabédougou where another wonder, a naturally occurring rock formation is located. The structure of the rock formation and the shape of their peaks give it the name ‘’Domes of Fabedougou’’. The domes of Fabédougou can be climbed with pleasure.

At the top of these domes of Fabédougou, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape, sugar cane fields, a beautiful sunset, and the abundant vegetation present in this part of Burkina Faso.

The Sky is the limit.

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