About Afreeka Yetu

Afreeka Yetu: From Swahili ”Afrika Yetu”, means Our Africa. Afreeka Yetu is aiming to bring Africans and the rest of the world to Africa, by storytelling our lives and our culture.

The motivation to have Afreeka Yetu is for us to narrate our glorious stories, to learn more about Africa, and to bring Africans together. Afreeka Yetu will share amazing articles about our untold stories, including our true heroes, wonders, lifestyle, success stories, discoveries, etc.  

I hope you will enjoy exploring Afreeka Yetu.


About Jean Gildas Tapsoba

Hello, thank you for you time! I am Jean Gildas Tapsoba, from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. I got nothing much to say about me, but I will be writing a lot about my experiences, people, places and culture.

I am a young water and sanitation professional, wih a particular interest for the humanitarian sector. Water and Sanitation are areas of great interest for me, because of their developing nature in most of the Sub-Saharan African countries.

As a person, I am very versatile, and passionate by novelty, differences, weird stuffs, and… I hate routine. On my free time, I enjoy learning new things especially, about science, culture, people, etc. I love traveling, discovering new places, reading & writing, and… meeting new people regardless of race, gender, personal beliefs, etc.

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